Welfare and harmony with LIFE

What's a therapy with Reiki?

We are an energy field, the physical body is the recipient of our general condition, both emotionally and mentally, when we are in state of constant worry, stress, sadness, distress or any internal suffer, it ends up showing in our physical body blocking our vital energy and prossibly preventing the proper functioning of nerves, muscles, organs...

How is the therapy?

It is usually done in a couch (or chair, if there is physical impairment) and the person remains dressed, so they should wear comfortable clothes. The whole therapy is made in a state of maximum relaxation. We restore customer's vital energy using energy imposition of hands, until we achieve an optimum wellness energy state.

It is a NON participatory therapy by the customer side, as they rest quietly on the couch in meditative state.

Reiki provides comfort and help in any healing process.

Reiki does NOT exclude medical consultation, but is compatible with any therapy and medication.

In case of illness, you should always consult a medical professional, a good diagnosis is vital for good health.

The session lasts 60 minutes approximately.


  • 1 session: it is an occasional energy balance and it brings peace and welfare.
  • Healing therapy: 12 sessions (once a week, minimum)

Our body has a process of balancing energy globally, to return to the harmony of all organs, nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system... Therapeutic continuity is needed for approximately three months, the time our body needs to adjust.

Good result are obtained through the customer's commitment in their own treatment, so attendance is very important. To ease the treatment cost, you can request the card: -Cost + Wellness

In case of severe illness, ask rates.