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What is a therapy with SAAMA?

Saama is an extraordinary therapy to correct problems that are rooted in emotions or experiences - recent or old - that remain stuck somewhere in the body. These emotions are a kind of "docks" to the Acupuncture Energy Meridians, blocking the free flow of Qi and producing a great variety of health disorders.

With SAAMA therapy, we detect these locks and we undo them so that the Qi can flow throughout the body in a healthy way. The person receiving this therapy does not need to do anything special, just relax on the couch.

It is a very soft technique and it is very kind to the body. It is compatible with any medical, pharmacological or energetic treatment. At the end of the session, we can know exactly what has been corrected and where did the problem come from.

The heart of SAAMA is based on energetic techniques combining knowledge of Quantum Medicine (Yuen Method, Now Healing 101, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, Chinese Medicine, Healing Code, Orin, etc.) with knowledge of Western Medicine (Anatomy, Physiology Pathology, etc), so that Saama becomes a fantastic tool for rebalancing the body.

The first session lasts 90 minutes.

From the second session on, it lasts 60 minutes.

With SAAMA therapy, we also work remotely. It does not require physical contact of the person with the therapist, so it allows us to be anywhere although results are not as effective and quick as in-person therapy. You can request more information via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Human beings have multiple levels of consciousness and imbalance can occur in one or more of these levels; so it is important to use a technique that embraces all levels. It can be useful in cases of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, as it works simultaneously on these four levels. No side effects, no need to take any medication, it is painless and suitable for all ages.

Try it and you'll be surprised!