After a few years, listening to that “little voice inside” we all have, which encouraged me to carry out some changes, make decisions - sometimes difficult to understand for people - it helped me rediscover myself, know myself, love myself and enjoy.

In 2012, I started myself in the world of natural therapies. Starting with the Tapin, Coaching, in November 2012 I delved into the path of Reiki, with the help of my teacher Sabrina Fuentes.

2013 was the year of my master. The curiosity that we all have inside took me to carry a new path through the Quantum Therapies, the SAAMA, by the hand of my master Veturián Arana.

In 2014, I trained in the Metamorphic Technique, by the hand of the Master Coral Caballero

In May 2015, I trained as SAAMA 2.0 Therapist, through the master and creator Veturián Arana.

In Novembre 2019, I continued my training as SAAMA 3.0 Therapist, through the master and creator Veturián Arana.

Life brings us to different paths at its different stages. The beginning of a journey, the personal awakening, the tool to enjoy the natural harmony.

The balance of mind, body and spirit.

David Velázquez